How to make a really hot sauce

How to make a really hot sauce

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First, peel your onion and chop it up small enough to put in your blender. Now put it in the blender.

Now, grab your habañero peppers and chop them up too. Make sure to avoid touching your eyes or else your eyes will burn. Put the chopped up peppers in the blender.

Next, pour out one teaspoon of Tabasco and pour it into your blender.

Now measure 1/2 cup of your red wine vinegar and pour it into the blender.

And finally, measure 1/2 cup of your A1 sauce and put it into the blender.

Time to blend!! Blend for around 30 seconds which is enough so that your ingredients are very fine.

Pour your new hot sauce into a bottle or container to store it.

Have fun with your new sauce. This sauce is great with steak or pretty much any type of meat.

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