How to fresh fava beans sauté+garlic+chili & coriander

How to fresh fava beans sauté+garlic+chili & coriander

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Fresh fava beans. Emptying them in two stages is time consuming. I think it is worth it. Otherwise you can find them frozen all ready peeled.

First peeling

Second peeling to get the inside wonderful buttery pods. them

There is the classical method of plunging them in boiling water then in ice bath to fix the green color then you can open the top and pop the out. But I find it easier to cut through & get the inside


Here is the rest of 1 kg. you get 180-200 g.

Peel 4 to 5 cloves of garlic and

Crush the garlic on a frying pan which already has 2 TBsp of olive oil. Cook on medium heat until fragrant add 1/2 Tsp of chili flakes

Cut the fresh coriander

Then add a cup of cut fresh coriander

Add over the garlic cook while stirring 1-2 mins

Then add the fava beans. Add water 1 TBsp at a time stir add a bit of water... Keep it on 5 mins. It is done serve and garnish with roasted pine seads

Serve without pine seeds or

With grilled pine seeds

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