How to make pomegranate syrupدبس رمان keeping the traditions

How to make pomegranate syrupدبس رمان keeping the traditions

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Once, used to be prepared in summer. The whole household and z neighbors gave a hand. 2 days work. Juice extracted by hand & cooked over wood fire which should be kept burning until sirup done.

Empty the grenades. (My guide: how to empty a pomegranate in 5 mins)


You need a juice extractor. Myself I have this one

Put on high fire to start until it boils then cook on medium/low until thick. I use a non reactive cooking pot. I am using a glass one (Pyrex ) but if u don't have; use any

This is what you would b looking for. The 1,5 kg grains will yield 18-20 TBSP

Here I am giving you the traditional way of making pomegranate molasses. while making this recipe for the guide I discovered that there is a much quicker way. Boil the whole grains with the piths

Please have a look at my guide pomegranate molasses

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