How to make your own high-low skirt

How to make your own high-low skirt

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These are the materials you need. I got the fabric from a discount fabric store for $4.xx. Cheap, huh!?:)

First, lay the fabric on the belt to measure the width (just a little bit longer than the belt on both sides)

Then fold the fabric on the longer direction like this, and cut the excess out. Then, measure the length by rounding the fabric on ur waist, and cut the to length u like.

Then on the longer side,fold the fabric in half n lay on floor,n cut it diagonally as shown in the picture. Sorry,It should be shorter and more diagonal (much shorter on left n a bit shorter on right)

After you finish cutting the fabric, it's time to sew. Lay the fabric on the belt (mine is a think one, n rmb the belt u choose should hv the braid structure) to make the fabric balance on both side.

Then prepare a needle with white thread.

And start sewing ur fabric on the belt, this is the reason why u need to hv a braid structure belt.

Finally you will get ur dress done like this. Since cut fabric pills a lot, so i recommend use a lighter to burn each side very lightly, to solve the problem of pilling n make it look nicer.

Adjust the dress nicely when u wear. And here is how the dress will look!:)

Close look!:)

Yeah! Pretty?! This is definitely the trend of this summer! How fun to make it by ur own!!!:)

Don't forget to check out my blog for more ideas! see you!:)

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