How to create hot air balloons from paper lanterns

How to create hot air balloons from paper lanterns

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Assemble lanterns and cut the tops that seal your Chinese food boxes off to make your baskets

With 2 equal lengths of ribbon, turn lantern upside down and weave ribbon over the wire of lantern, pull both ends through the holes on the side of the box, tie bow or knot to secure

Add bunting in coordinating colors

Hang with fishing line or ribbon. Much easier than trying to get them to stand up by themselves. Trust me...

Hot glued candy sticks to the bottom of the box & wrapped with pipe clears to attach the lantern. After several burnt fingers, frazzled nerves, & ripped lanterns, I decided the rest would hang instead

Hang & enjoy! Brooklyn is growing up, up, up!

Hung with fishing line

Still enjoying them in our guest room :o)

Watch the video: Make an Amazing Hot air Balloon Sky lantern. DIY (August 2022).