How to make a pop up father's day card

How to make a pop up father's day card

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Find two pieces of paper to your preferred color. It could be A5 or A6~

Fold to half.

On top of the folded paper,on the folding side, draw two vertical lines and a horizontal line connecting them. Main point: there should be space between the lines and the ends of the paper.

Divide into 6 boxes.

'thicken' the line. This is important!!

Erase to simplify.

Caution: cut only the vertical lines( in this photo, they are horizontal)

Open and you should see this.

Push them inwards.


Like this!

Flatten them.

Then, outline 'FATHER'! Note that the words' up and down sides should 'stick' to the paper, or the connection would break. Enlarge photo to see clearer.

After cutting them, it looks like this! Enlarge photo to see clearer:D you can even cut letters on the top side! Having a cutter was better:/

On the other hand, fold the other paper and stick double sided tape on it. Tape the father inner card on to it.

Trim sides.

And here you go: tada!

This isn't only for father's day. You could do whatever you want! Even 'Marry me' and have a ring in it.

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