How to cook pinto beans

How to cook pinto beans

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Make sure to check the beans for any bad ones

Take out the little rocks , and the bad beans. I took those out because they didn't look very good to me.

After taking out the bad beans put in pot and wash the beans. I usually do it at least 3 times.

Add hot tap water to cover the beans. Leave them alone overnight. If you don't want to leave them overnight you can just cook them at this point it just takes longer to cook if u don't soak overnight

In the morning they usually plump up and look like this. Throw the water out and put new water. Cook about an hour or until soft to the touch. Make sure you add water if it evaporates.

When soft to the touch add salt to taste and leave cooking for another 5 mins. Then they are ready to enjoy with your favorite dishes.

When fully looked beans look like this.

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