How to make coconut date balls

How to make coconut date balls

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Use a high end blender or food processor. Seriously, I killed one blender & my mother killed two.

Process dates into a paste, mix coconut butter, coconut oil & half of the shredded coconut (I used almond butter and coconut oil).

You can also try any other nut butters, or split them or coconut and nut... Half coconut butter and half almond butter was very yummy, as is straight almond butter. Personally I haven't tried others!

Use the remaining coconut for rolling the balls in! You may need more. If the balls are oily enough the coconut will stick, if not warm up some oil and coat the balls before rolling them in coconut.

This is an incredible pain and messy, possibly very oily!


I rolled the mixture with about one tablespoons amount, this made ten.

Store in fridge (or freezer)!

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