How to paint a canvas chalkboard

How to paint a canvas chalkboard

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Gather supplies. I found these jars of paint at Joann's Craft store for $6.99 each. I used four 40% off coupons which made for a very nice discount.

Any size artist canvas will work. I chose 8x10 which makes a nice tabletop size. This was a ten pack of I bought at Aaron Brothers, but most craft stores also sell canvas in a variety of sizes.

Cover your work space with wax paper, or something similar. Paint the back of your canvas.

When back is dry, turn over and paint the front. Using even strokes, painting in one direction. This is your first coat.

Let first coat dry one hour, then paint a second coat.

Let second coat dry , touch up any streaks with one final coat. Let dry.

Let canvas dry 24 hours. To 'cure' chalkboard, lightly rub chalk over canvas. Wipe off with damp rag.

Chalkboard is ready to write on!

Good for menus, notes, inspirational quotes, drawings, etc.

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