How to pimp out your earbuds

How to pimp out your earbuds

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Here's what's up: we're going to be wrapping the earbuds with string (like in my other tutorial about making friendship bracelets)

Start by tying a simple knot on the end of your earbuds.

Double knot it.

And you're ready to start!

(Pretend this is the beginning). Fold your string over the earbud as shown (like a 4).

Fold the string back under the earbuds, and over the first part of the string.

Tighten the knot and bring it up.

Ta da! Now just repeat that a million times. If you want to change colors just cut the string and tie on another one, and keep going with that.

You'll get cool loops going around :)

And voila! Finished product! Using ombré string gets a really cool effect.

Let me know if you have questions or want me to improve or explain something :) hope you enjoyed!

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