How to make the perfect cold cheese cake

How to make the perfect cold cheese cake

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we will use a tray with a seal like this or any tray u can move its edges

melt the butter in the microwave and crunch the biscuits add them both to the tray

make sure that your hands are clean and start mixing with ur hand be sure to mix well some times u will need a little more butter if u think it isnt enough

start prssing down the biscuit we want an even surface

put it in the fridge and this we will be the first layer we will start nw the second layer

get your mixer ready and start adding the second layer ingredients first add the cream cheese if it comes in cubes like this you will need 20 cube

add the sweetened condensed milk

add the cream

this is the gelatin powder we wont add it directly like this we will first dissolved in the hot water add it to the hot water and start mixing very well (dont add it the cream and cheese mix)

this is how the gelatin and water mix look like if u were really good at mixing u wont get the crumbles but anyway we will mix it again in the mixer

add the gelatin mix to the mixer and also add the lemon juice and the vanilla mix mix mix until u have the beautiful layer u wont resist tasting it

it is time to get the biscuit out of the fridge add the second layer and into the fridge again

this layer will take from 2-3 hours to be ready then we will start making the last layer

u will need one pack jelly power follow the instructions on the pack wait until it cools down ( it is very important) because if u add the jelly while its still hot u will have holes in ur cheese cake

get your cake out of the fridge make sure it is well cooled u will find that it became harder and can hold itself

the cake is cooled and the jello is cooled pour the jello over your cake and into the fridge again it will take less than an hour and u will be ready

the cake is now ready

with a knife start peeling the jelly of the edges because it will be sticky and make hard to remove the edges

unlock the seal and if u notice any stickey parts use the knife

here is it a beautiful cold cheese cake

notice the three layers

now, i will give you some small ideas for a creative cheese cake

you can play with the first an last layer but the middle layer is always the same for the first layer u can use oreo insted of plain biscuits

for the top layer you can use strawberry or cranberry with the jelly or even without it u can also use any kind of chocolate u love i will till u how▶▶▶

we will use pan over pan technique (double boiler) on ur stove put a pan full of water then wait till it boils now put the other pan over it and add ▶▶▶▶

12 small bars of any chocolate you love but doesnt inculde biscuit in it (like twix or kitkat) u can use snickers, cadbury, galaxy , mars, bounty then add 200 gm of butter and half cup of milk

keep stirring until it all mixed and melted then add it to the cream an cheese mix ( when they are both cooled)

here is one i did with oreo and snikers

be creative and make your own cheese cake just keep the middle layer and play with the other and tell me about it i hope u enjoyed my guide

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