How to protect your iphone from dirt and dust

How to protect your iphone from dirt and dust

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This is everything what you need...

Try to use just as much as you need.

And pack your iPhone carefully into it.

You can stretch the plastic wrap at the camera lense to keep the function. Later in this guide i show you a picture, made with the plastic wrap.

Cut of the rest of the plastic wrap.

That is what your iPhone should looks like. Don't care about the bubbles under the plastic wrap. If the screen is turned on, you almost can't see them...

The touch function is still working.

Try to take a picture and adjust the plastic wrap a bit.

This is the original picture with the iPhone in the plastic wrap.

Thats it! Have fun at the beach or somewhere where your iPhone needs to be protect. This is not a "forever" solution. But a nice way if you need something against sand, water drops or dirt!

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