How to make a ninja star

How to make a ninja star

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Find 8 sticky notes. 4 of one color and 4 more of another. If you want a one-colored ninja star, just find 8 sticky notes of the same color instead.

Now take one of the sticky notes and lay it out like this, the sticky side on the right edge.

Take the bottom corner and fold it up into a triangle like this. Crease it.

Unfold to reveal a line in the middle.

Now turn the sticky side to the left edge.

Fold it up into a triangle again. Crease it too.

Unfold and you should end up with two lines intersecting each other.

Now turn the sticky note with the sticky side up.

Take the right side of the sticky side and fold it against the middle. Crease.

Repeat with the left sticky side. Don't worry, the folds don't have to be perfectly lined up.

Turn the sticky note sideways and fold it like shown above.

Unfold and you should come up with something like this.

You see those two lines that kinda forms a triangle?

Lightly push in the triangle as shown above.

Don't push the triangle all the way. Push the triangle so that it will be able to be folded to the side like this.

You should end up getting this.

Do the same steps with the other sticky notes like shown above. It'll take you a while to finish but you'll get used to all the folding and unfolding.

You can order the sticky notes in any order or pattern you want when you start building up the ninja star.

Start with the tip of one of the sticky notes.

...And the back edge of another sticky note.

Put the tip and back edge together to make it look like this.

Then it should form together to look like this.

Now take those extra corners and simply fold it in.

Keep doing these steps until you get to the last sticky note. You have to connect the tip or end of that sticky note and hold on to that part while you connect the other end/tip.

You should come up with this.

Now slide one of the sticky note fold up to come up with this.

Then slide up another...

And another other..

And TA-DA!! Your very own ninja star! Very easy to make and takes time so be patient! Thanks for viewing!

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