How to make delicious zucchini pizza!!

How to make delicious zucchini pizza!!

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Start by halving cleaned zucchini

Does not have to be beautiful :)

Empty the 'meat' of the zucchini, leaving the skin in a boat shape. This is a labor of love! Place emptied boats on baking sheet lined with foil for easy clean up

I broke one!

Still doesn't have to be beautiful

Brown turkey and add mushrooms after a while to soften them. While meat is browning, dice up pieces of zucchini meat

This smells so good!

Zucchini meat

Add zucchini pieces to meat and mushrooms. Once softened, remove from heat.

Yummy! I ate spoonfuls of this by itself!

Fill bottoms of zucchini with pizza sauce

Pizza sauce! I used prego.

Add filling to zucchini

Pile it high!

I added more pizza sauce because I had extra but not enough to save :)

I love pizza sauce

Cover with shredded cheese and bake at 400 degrees for roughly 20 mins (until cheese is melty and browning)

This is where the foil comes in handy :)

400 degree oven

Remove from oven and place on plate to enjoy!!!

Soooooo good!!!

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