How to make a terrarium

How to make a terrarium

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Gather all of your materials

Mix together some dirt , pebbles, and special orchid mix and fill about 1/5 your jar/housing

Dig a small hole in the center of the dirt/orchid mix. Remove mini orchid from pot and free roots of most of the potting medium from its previous pot.

Insert orchid in the hole you dug.

Surround the orchid with dirt AVOIDING filling the hole. Try not to get dirt on the orchids roots. You do not need a large amount of dirt here just enough to plant your fern in the next step.

Plant your fern in the dirt that you just put around the orchid.

Time for moss! I collected this from the yard. Place the moss on top of the dirt on the opposite side of your fern.

Here's how it should look. I also added an airplant.

Water, and place the top back on your jar.

Here it is! I keep my orchid terrarium in a well lit area in my bedroom. Enjoy!

Here is a well established terrarium with a blooming mini orchid inside. I made this one a few months ago. I rarely water my terrarium, maybe once every two weeks.

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