How to have fun on a rainy day

How to have fun on a rainy day

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You will need a boogie board preferably with a smooth underside to have a smoother ride. You will need a swimsuit not white because it may get dirty.

This step may be the hardest only because it requires mental strength. This step is the hardest because you have to force yourself to get out of the house and actually do something.

Find a hill that has a decent amount of water that is running down it. This will make your boogie boarding a lot more fun.

Climb to the top of the hill and get ready to slide down it. While you are walking up the hill check for any pipes or anything that can hurt you.

When you are ready to go down the hill remember to get the best and fastest running start you can. This will result in a fast boogie board down the hill. This will make it that much more fun.

As you approach the end of the hill use your hands to stop yourself from going to far. You may want to do this a good three body lengths before the end because you may not stop immediately .

When you are cold and all wiped out head back to your house be sure to wipe yourself for your parents will get extremely angry .

The final stage Is probably the most relaxing and warm. All you have to do in this step is to quickly run to the bathroom and have a nice hot bath or shower.

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